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Iconic Traders Mentorship Program [Malayalam]

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Cash, Index futures, Directional Option buying & selling

Course Mode: Recorded videos of live sessions conducted.

Duration: Around 25+ hours of pure price action

Course Validity: 6 months from date of purchase.

Availability: Available to watch & download on Android & iOS devices only.

Support: Through Whatsapp/ Candleminds App. Lifetime support.

Iconic mentorship program by Traderbro aka Vipin MohanIconic mentorship program by Traderbro aka Vipin Mohan

I conducted a month-long Live mentorship program with my mentees last month. This is the complete recording of those Live sessions.

Course Content


It’s the first step as most traders continue making losses because of the wrong experience they gained over the course of learning from random places. Once we reset our trading mind, it’s easy to follow the mind of Candles.

  • Thinking about money vs Risk.

  • Practical tips to reset & start from scratch.

  • Reversing a traders mind from recovery theory mode.

  • Setting expectations.

  • Complications to Simplicity


If you’re my Youtube channel follower, you know I put psychology first over everything else. Throughout the webinar & our practice sessions later, we will be talking everything wrapped with right psychology.

  • Why the stocks that we buy hits SL always?

  • What will happen if we trade against actual plan?

  • Ever thought why simple things feel very much complex to execute?

  • Powerful methods to control emotions.


Comes the most important part where every trader gets bored & hence ignore. We will make it simple to understand & apply.

  • Risk-Reward comes ONLY after making some profit.

  • We will explore a unique way by which most famous traders live by.

  • The 4 quarters of Risk management.

  • Position sizing for Stocks & Options


WHY PRICE reading?! because if you don’t know how to read markets strength & weakness, it’s impossible to profit from any strategy.

  • PRICE reading is an Art & it can be mastered through learning & experience.

  • Making money from market is not our primary goal but understanding how the price moves.

  • We will be going through numerous examples wrt market movement & identifications - like you have never done before.

  • How to trade what you’re seeing instead of what you believe?


Set up comes last ! Rule based Price action strategies we use will be discussed in depth in Nifty/BankNifty/Stocks.

  • Simple price action strategies in combination with Market reading.

  • The importance of following strict rules.Importance of regularly using same setup.

  • Intraday time selection.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I clear my doubts?

Doubts will be cleared through Whatsapp / Calls if necessary.

I don't limit my mentees contacting me for a specific time. I'll always be available to clear your doubts irrespective of the course expiry.

I am beginner, I don’t know anything about technical analysis, will this course be useful for me?

One should have at least basic knowledge of how market works, candlesticks, support & resistance. If you are very new, please learn the basics from Zerodha.com/Varsity (Modules 1 & 2)

It is recommended to have at least 6 months experience in stocks/options as we will not be covering basics.

How much is the minimum Capital requirement?

This is an Intraday directional trading method based on chart reading. My advice is to learn trading first then start with paper trading, once you are consistent with the methodology, start with small capital.

Does these patterns and strategy work on Stocks/commodities/forex?

It works on any liquid instruments as price movements are the effect of human psychology & we are learning to trade people not the chart.

Please DON’T JOIN this course,
  • If you think, there’s a secret strategy that works all the time.

  • If you can’t dedicate minimum 6 months for practicing.

  • If you want immediate profits without putting the hardwork.

  • If you carry ‘I know everything’ attitude & no willingness to follow strict Rules.

  • If you think that Trading is easier than your current profession.

  • If you can't take stop losses with dignity during the process.