The biggest problem a new trader face is when they get caught up in strategies and completely become unaware of trading psychology and eventually leave market disappointed and with losses. In 'Traders Head Start, mentor and Pro trader Vipin Mohan teaches students to approach trading through the right path where Psychology is combined with trading strategies to be able to create a Process which will eventually make learners to be a self-sufficient trader.

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Traders Head start [Malayalam]

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Course Contents

This is a course aimed at those who are interested in Intraday trading. The strategy we discussed here utilizes the daily gaps that gets created in market (Gap strategy).

Basics & Timeframes

Most important BASIC things of Trading are discussed. Biggest reason for all trading losses is not the lack of knowledge but the lack of strong solid foundation. Also, a lot of traders are confused which timeframe to choose, and they run around all available timeframes and finally end up in losses.

Changing traders' belief system

If we look into mirror, we can see that all our actions are molded by the belief system we accumulated from childhood. This works against the traders in Trading.

Trends & Trading Ranges

When a trader looks at the charts, the first thing he should be able to identify is whether the market is Trending or is in a Trading Range. Let's see how!

Entry, SL, Exit & Trend & Range discussion continues

Let's continue trend & trading range discussion & look at the most important aspect of Trading, Entry, Stop Loss and Exit.

Logically understanding Gaps

If you see Indian markets, most Nifty 50 stocks opens with a Gap almost every day. Here we are introducing some tactics to trade these Gaps efficiently.

Position sizing & My rules of trading

The most important part of any trading system is Position sizing which helps us to manage risk in a proper manner. Here we discuss the rules I follow as a trader which is very important as without a proper written rule, we can't manage it for long.

Mode of teaching: Recorded videos

Course Accessible on: Android, iPhones & iPads

Course validity: 1 year

Doubts clearing: Through Whatsapp

Total duration: 4 hrs+